Presents "TO THE BANK" !

“To The Bank” new single available – Released on July 20, 2022

Punjabi-American vocalist & mc, Alo Wala, is finally back with new single “To the Bank” ! Alo Wala, meaning ‘the light vendor’ in a Hindi / Bengali mélange, is a long-running and distinctive part of the global club music.

In this fantasy protest song, Alo Wala is sipping on “chai tea” while calling out the select few who profit off of dismay, all the way “to the bank”. It’s all innuendos and agendas, corruption and equality over a truly loopy loop which joyously evokes a precious 80’s soul-funk strain of the disco dance floor. Alo Wala describes how the money runs to the bank over a lilting funk bump on this globally steeped pop and club banger.