New EP "Tough Gains"

“Tough Gains” – Released on June 16, 2023

TOUGH GAINS drops June 16th and it’s a personal triumph for ALO WALA. Collectively these four songs represent a space in time where wins don’t come easy, and are always backed by hustle and staying power.

Sonically Tough Gains bends various genres, giving references to UK sound-culture and diverse dance genres, however the works are aligned through 808 subby-ness, touches from the East, and Alo Wala’s genuine storytelling.

Produced by the incognito producer-unit Satori Stereo Saiyan, Tough Gains brings a riveting, and sometimes explosive collection of songs that climb in tempo as the EP progresses.

Alo Wala’s newfound approach of realness over perfection, shines throughout as she vocalizes about transmuting the flames inside, overcoming collective stagnation, paying dues where they are do, and at the same time, she insists, “one way to shift your mind(set), is to move your body.”

Alo Wala EP "Tough Gains"