Very early on, Biga * Ranx’s attention turned to the rhythms of Yellowman and DJ Screw. From the age of 14, he devoted himself entirely to music, forging a personal style through hard work, writing and composition.

His first album “On Time” was released in 2011 under the X-Ray Production label. As comfortable on stage as in the studio, Biga * Ranx demonstrates the full extent of its potential to an audience that will always be there.

In 2013, Biga * Ranx’s second album, “Good Morning Midnight”, was released. A few months later, the album was reissued, licensed by Wagram Music.

It fills La Cigale and Le Bataclan a few months apart.

In 2015, Biga*Ranx released his album “Nightbird”, a very personal album since the artist is both author and composer. He brilliantly mixes all the influences he loves, thus expressing his vision of a Reggae that is both refined and modern.
Following the same creative process as that of his previous album, Biga * Ranx goes even further with “1988” released on June 09, 2017.