Collector of sounds, explorer of the ideal sample, Degiheugi will present his 8th album entitled “Foreglow”. This record with multiple influences, ranging from samba to Afrobeat through soul and French chanson, is a real ray of light that makes you want to escape and takes you far from home. Once again, the unstoppable digger and beatmaker surprises us and shows us how well he masters the art of sampling.

Degiheugi teamed up with X-Ray Production to offer the re-issue of its entire back catalog in an amazing limited vinyl edition. Some of these albums have never been pressed on vinyl and those they have been are struggling today at a gold price on the internet.

Degiheugi albums in Vinyl version here : “Foreglow” Vinyl, “Abstract Symposium” vinyl, “Endless Smile” vinyl (Limited Edition), “Bagatelle” vinyl (Limited Edition), “Dancing Chords And Fireflies” vinyl (Limited Edition), “The Broken Symphony” vinyl (Limited Edition)

Degiheugi Cds here : “Foreglow” Cd, “Endless Smile” Cd, “Bagatelle” Cd, “Dancing Chords And Fireflies” Cd, “The Broken Symphony” Cd