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Biga*Ranx vinyls bundle (3 maxi)


Biga Ranx is a French Reggae / Hip Hop artist from Tours, France. He released his debut LP « On Time » in October 2011.
In 2012 The World of Biga*Ranx, a project consisting of three 12-inch records was released, each a collaboration with a different producer: Maffi, Ondubground and Kanka. Biga released a remix of On Time in November 2012, with all the songs from his debut album remixed by artists such as Chinese Man, Aphrodite, A State of Mind and Tom Fire.
In 2013, Biga*Ranx’s second album, “Good Morning Midnight”, was released. 
In 2015, he released his album “Nightbird”, a very personal album since the artist is both author and composer. He brilliantly mixes all the influences he loves, thus expressing his vision of a Reggae that is both refined and modern.

Following the same creative process as that of his previous album, Biga * Ranx goes even further with “1988” released on June 09, 2017.

Biga*Ranx vinyls here : Biga*Ranx “On Time” VINYL, Biga*Ranx “On Time Remix” Vinyl, Biga*Ranx “The World Of Biga*Ranx & Maffi” VINYL, Biga*Ranx “The World Of Biga*Ranx & Ondubground” VINYL, Biga*Ranx “The World Of Biga*Ranx & Kanka” VINYL, Biga*Ranx “Nightbird” Vinyl, Biga*Ranx “Good Morning Midnight” Vinyl, Biga*Ranx “1988” Vinyl

Biga*Ranx Cds here : Biga*Ranx “On Time” CD, Biga*Ranx “On Time Remix” CD, Biga*Ranx “Good Morning Midnight” CD, Biga*Ranx “Live In Paris” Double CD/DVD, Biga*Ranx “1988” CD