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  • Afu-Ra
  • Asian Dub Foundation
  • Bazil
  • Biga*Ranx
  • Blaiz Fayah
  • Danakil
  • Degiheugi
  • Dj Vadim
  • Elisa Do Brasil
  • General Levy
  • Illustre
  • Janice In The Noise
  • Kensei & Sensei Riddim
  • Kiz
  • L'Entourloop
  • La Yegros
  • LMK
  • Lt Stitchie
  • Lyricson
  • Manudigital
  • Mayra And Mr Mow
  • Mungo's Hi Fi
  • Noble Society
  • O'Sisters
  • Papa Style Et Baldas
  • Rakoon
  • Skarra Mucci
  • Soom T
  • Tambour Battant
  • Tetra Hydro K
  • The Architect
  • The Dizzy Brains
  • Ugly Mac Beer


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Afu-Ra, Alpha SteppaAsian Dub Foundation, Atili Bandalero, Bazil, Biga*Ranx, Blundetto, Chinese Man, Danakil, Degiheugi, Deluxe, Dj Vadim, Elisa Do Brasil, General Levy, Guts, Heartical Sound, Illustre, Janice In The Noise, KIZ, L’Entourloop, La Fine Équipe, La Yegros, LMK, Lt. Stitchie, Manudigital, Mayra And Mr Mow, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Noble Society, O’Sisters, Papa Style Et Baldas, Skarra Mucci, Soom T, Stand High Patrol, Taiwan Mc, Tambour Battant, The Architect, The Dizzy Brains