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Originally concealed in the credits of the record covers under the heading “composition and production”, Guts secured his fame as a beatmaker by trimming the soundtrack of Alliance Ethnik, Big Red or the Svinkels.

In solo since 2007 and his album “Le Bienheureux”(Was On Records), he then expanded his musical palette with “Freedom”, a darker but also more released record released on his own label Pura Vida. Exiled in Ibiza is From his Balearic Island that he will publish in 2011 “Paradise For All”, on the label which is Still to this day, Heavenly Sweetness.

Since 2013, he has concocted with his accomplice Mambo, the compilations Beach Diggin ‘, dedicated to the discovery of rare and sunny galettes.

Since hip hop broke into his life, somewhere in the 1980s, Guts has devoted it all his time and energy. Chasing for him thousands of samples, spending nights looking for the perfect beat or the precisely set melody, the look directed towards the West, towards the Bronx.

So in 2014, after twenty-five years of unfailing devotion, he decided to magnify this music which, by the richness and quality of the sources used, made him the producer he is. “Hip Hop After All” is born, album in the form of declaration of love and eternal thanks, stone brought by Guts to this musical cathedral at the same time as a call board to go even further

Pushing back his perpetual musical exploration to the electro-funk, the afro-disco, space jazz.

Guts vinyls here : “Hip Hop After All” Vinyl  –  “Philantropiques” Vinyl  –  “Eternal” Vinyl  –  « Straight From The Decks » Vinyl. –  Guts & Mambo “Beach Diggin’ 3” Vinyl. –  Guts & Mambo “Beach Diggin’ 4” Vinyl. –  Guts & Mambo “Beach Diggin’ 5” Vinyl