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L’Entourloop black T-shirt


Breeding in open air since 1964, Sir James and King Johnny are the figureheads of the mysterious L’ENTOURLOOP collective. Feed with good grains from Sounds Systems, vinyle’s culture (Scratchs / Beatmaking / Sampling) and rocked by the epic dialogues of a certain cinema, L’ENTOURLOOP concocte with love a music half-way between Kingston, London and New York!
L’Entourloop have a lot of collaborations & remixes in their pocket. With The Architect EP “Foundations” and the famous Dreader Than Dread « feat Skarra Mucci, », “Burn Dem Down” Feat Capleton, “Le Bonheur” feat Panda Dub …

L’Entourloop discopgraphy in vinyls version : “Chickens In Your Town” VINYL, “Le Savoir Faire” VINYL, L’Entourloop X Skarra Mucci “Golden Nuggets” VINYL, L’Entourloop Feat Capleton “Burn Dem Down Remix” Vinyl 7′

L’Entourloop in Cds version: “Chickens In Your Town” CD, “Le Savoir Faire” CD

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