"More Than Abstract Hip-Hop" remixed by Mounika. !

“More Than Abstract Hip-Hop (Mounika. Remix)” – Released on January 13, 2023

Released in 2012 on the album “Dancing Chords and Fireflies” by Degiheugi, the track “More Than Abstract Hip-Hop” is given a second youth through the sharp ear of the talented French producer Mounika.

About ten years later, the association between these two generations of beatmakers gives a magnificent remixed version of this Degiheugi classic, in the form of a delicate dreamlike chill-hop ballad like Mounika. has the secret and which will delight walkers in the land of dreams.

"More Than Abstract Hip-Hop"

Mounika. Remix

Listen to "More Than Abstract Hip Hop"

taken from degiheugi's album "Dancing Chords And Fireflies"

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