New EP “Dub Trotter” available !

Manudigital recorded this EP on the road during the last two years of tour around the world, hence the name of “Dub Trotter” in the manner of a globetrotter (Manudigital was 13th in the Live Export Awards of Le Bureau Export in 2019 – 130 gigs / 20 countries). Each track is named after where it was composed: “Mexicali”, “Canada Airport”, “Noumea Hotel Room”…

With “Dub Trotter”, Manudigital delivers a dub EP which transcends the genre, while remaining faithful to it, to venture into the field of electro and bass music. He realizes with this new EP a real tour de force and a new demonstration of his incredible talent as a producer !

Manudigital “Dub Trotter” vinyl and cd available here 👉