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Noble Society, a native of Brooklyn, is one of the most promising groups of his generation.

Their sound is unclassifiable, it varies between hip hop, dancehlall, reggae, heavy beats of dubstep or even hot melodies of flamenco.


This richness undoubtedly comes from the mixed influences of each member of the group: Jahdan Blakkamoore, Delie Red X and Diego Campo


Noble Nights Assemble

Album Digital.
24.11.2017 Ecouter

Dance All Night

Single Tambour Battant
09.06.2017 Ecouter

EP "Surf The Wave"

ft. TBBT Digital
16.01.2017 Ecouter

Surf the Wave

Single Digital
14.12.2016 Ecouter

Son Of The Dawn

Single Digital
14.10.2016 Ecouter

Album "PPM"

Cd. Digital
11.2011 Ecouter

Live Large Ft Biga*Ranx

Single Digital
08.05.2013 Ecouter

Album "Take Charge"

21.10.2008 Ecouter