Bazil "East To The West" Cd + "Grow" Cd - CD BUNDLE

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Bazil BUNDLE with “East To The West” album CD + “Grow” album CD

Bazil "Grow" CD

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Bazil "East To The West" CD

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Bazil BUNDLE with “East To The West” album CD + “Grow” album CD

“East To The West” INFORMATIONS :
Bazil presents today this new album, entitled “East To The West”, on which he mixes styles again as he knows how to do it. Since the beginning of his career, the artist has frequently moved from the East to the West, drawing inspiration from these different round trips between Europe, North America and the Caribbean. With “East To The West”, Bazil invites us to escape on a modern, urban and colorful sound but still influenced by the Jamaican culture he loves.

01 – East To The West
02 – Pop Off
03 – Vision
04 – I Know
05 – Love The Night
06 – General
07 – Escape
08 – Terminator
09 – Double Up
10 – The Heart
11 – Trouble Trouble
12 – Old Soul Cassette
13 – Hotter Tempo
14 – Want Better Days
15 – From Dem

This album is the result of a work of composition and writing between Bazil and Alexis Bruggeman, who also accompanies him on stage. This new album is part of the Roots Reggae heritage dear to the artist, while incorporating current influences as diverse as Hip-Hop, Afrobeat, Soul and even some Trap sounds. Bazil also invited two artists he particularly likes: the Mauritian Natty Gong and the French Naâman.

1. Again
2. Sweet So
3. Downtown (feat. Naâman)
4. The Crown
5. Style Up
6. Paris To Moris (feat. Natty Gong)
7. Worry Bout
8. Safe Travel
9. Grow
10. Fire Dance
11. Young Star
12. No Freddy
13. Good Light
14. Girl From The Ghetto (Remix)

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