La Yegros "Suelta" CD


La Yegros “Suelta” new album in CD version – March 22, 2019 – 10 tracks

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La Yegros “Suelta” new album in CD version – March 22, 2019 – 10 tracks

With each new album from La Yegros comes the promise of incredible live concerts, all of which are a challenge thrown at those who do not have dancing feet. The singer never fails to unlock even the stiffest bodies, her energy radiating as if she were spitring balls of fire, with that communicative joy peculiar to from South American people. Suelta, which can be understood as an invitation to let loose, accelerates the fusion of the various musical genres that make up her personality and musical identity.
Finally, this album provides its author with the ammo for her future concerts, which can be expected to perpetuate the irresistible combination of ground-breaking styles and festive intentions.


1. A Ver A Ver
2. Linda La Cumbia
3. Sube La Presion
4. Cuando
5. Alegria
6. Tenemos Voz Featuring Soom-T
7. Ruge
8. Siempre Estas
9. Nada Parece
10. Cuando (String Quartet)

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