Tambour Battant "Dance All Night" CD


Tambour Battant “Dance All Night” album – CD – June 09, 2017 – 12 tracks

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Tambour Battant “Dance All Night” album – CD – June 09, 2017 – 12 tracks

Few live acts can be proud to have as much energy on stage as Tambour Battant. The duo consisting of Ben Stoker and Chixx, has an advantage that few musical entities are able to handle as efficiently: the art of patchwork.
Fuck chapels! Tambour Battant comes from Hip-Hop, is addicted to Electro, dispenses electrolysis baths of Dubstep and signs Ghetto-Tech orders on daily basis – without any possibility of storing it in one of these niches. 
The “four to the floor”, especially House music, sublty slips into most of their compositions, which adds a unifying molecule in their formula.

1. Satisfy
2. Spring Bounce (ft. Taiwan MC)
3. Dance All Night (ft. Noble Society & Pauline Diamond)
4. Highest Upgrade (ft. General Levy)
5. Move Pon Bakka (ft. Bazil)
6. Open Your Eyes
7. Wealthy (ft. Noble Society) [Low Version]
8. Vision (ft. Pauline Diamond)
9. Surf the Wave (ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore, Delie Red X & D2 Tha Future)
10. Wasted
11. Every Body (ft. George Palmer)
12. Wealthy (ft. Noble Society) [High Version]

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