New album available !

“The musical guideline of this album first came one day when I got out of my studio after working on a track, feeling some kind of ecstasy that I hadn’t felt for years. Something that I used to feel almost every time I made music back when it wasn’t my job, but that had changed afterwards. It was like finding something really precious you thought you had lost forever…” says Rakoon about the genesis of this new album. Whether it be with the intoxicating sample of “Hoi An” brought back from a trip to Vietnam or the galvanizing synths of “Chapters”, a hit cut for the dancefloor, Rakoon treats his early fans to new gems true to his carefully refined recipe. But he also doesn’t hesitate to venture into more electronic territories, like on the devastating “The Great Big Elephant”, with its catchy sample and its synth’s nods to trance. Or even to surprise, with the use of vocoder on “Rituals” for instance.

“Something Precious” is the result of a significant sound research and an in-depth work on emotions. Its magnificent cover is signed by the English illustrator Miles Tewson, and it can be listened to like a diary that Rakoon shares with generosity and dedication with those who follow him, on and off the stage.