New album “The Arch” out now !

For the recording of her new album, Soom T naturally turned to her friend DJ Kunta who produced the songs. Composed and recorded with the Lyon-based band Highly Seen, this new album entitled “The Arch” catches the essence of the music of the one we now call “the raggamuffin princess”! The musicians, mostly multi-instrumentalists, use modern, but also vintage techniques, giving their instrumental authentic flavors. Soom T, as usual, manages to deliver highly committed lyrics while retaining a certain lightness to it. This new album is also the reflection of her Christian philosophy, as its title “The Arch” and artwork suggests, based on an extensive study of the gospels that have influenced all the songs.

New album “The Arch” available (vinyl, Cd) :

Watch here Soom T official videos from “The Arch” album