"Dahalo" New album

The Dizzy Brains « Dahalo » – Released on December 10, 2021

Three years after “Tany Razana”, the group returns to shout its rage in a third album entitled “Dahalo”.

A return to their roots with an album written almost entirely in Malagasy. The Dahalo are bandits who spread terror in the south of Madagascar, the traditional zebu theft which marked the passage to adulthood for the Bara (southern ethnic group) has become a violent and murderous business feeding a mafia system. For the band’s members, the motto does not change, the love for their native land does not make them blind to corruption, poverty, abuse of men, rape and drought.

Through a melodious and powerful punk rock, “Dahalo” offers a musical journey full of energy. The violence of the message is transcribed with accuracy and coherence, amplified by the guitar riffs of Poun and the drums of Alban.

The four musicians from Tananarive are ready to set the stage on fire. The incredible stage presence of Eddy, the leader, and the virtuosity of the three musicians, will inevitably leave their mark on the audience during their next concerts in France and elsewhere.

“Dahalo” available now : Digital & Cd