Biga*Ranx "Nightbird" Cd


Biga*Ranx "Nightbird" album CD - Released on march 09, 2015 - 14 tracks - 4 sides
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Biga*Ranx delivers here a concept and personal album since the artist is both author and composer, even going so far as to produce his own samples! This allows him to fully express his vision of reggae that is both refined and modern. He brilliantly mixes all the influences he likes, creating his own musical style, rub-a-lounge according to Biga*Ranx.


1. DJ For The Night
2. Prison House
3. Sexy Featuring Big Red
4. I Am A MC
5. Bossman Featuring Hollie Cook, Prendy
6. Paris Is A Bitch
7. Hate Feat Big Youth, Joseph Cotton, U-Brown, U-Roy
8. Night Bird
9. Keep On Trying
10. Double Trouble
11. Alone
12. DJ For The Screwed
13. Favorite Smuk
14. Saturday Fight