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Skarra Mucci, a Jamaican artist from Kingston, recorded his first song at the age of 9 for the famous producer Harry J. This first single exploded all over the island and directly projected the young artist into the world of sound systems, that he will never leave!

At the end of the 90s, Skarra Mucci flew to Europe and more precisely to Switzerland. It is then Germany that will get to know the future "Dancehall President" and will take him to a new solo level with his first album "Rise and Shine" released in 2007 and hailed by critics and the local public.

Skarra Mucci very quickly proves that he is one of those artists who have an extremely rich vocal palette, which allows him to juggle between Reggae and Dancehall riddims and Hip-Hop beats, without forbidding himself to touch Gospel or even Soul. His toast becomes his trademark and now everybody run to get his hit with Skarra Mucci. Successful collaborations are multiplying, the classics too.

In 2012, he released the breathtaking "Return of the Raggamuffin" which was a worldwide success.

While Skarra Mucci is where we imagine to be the climax of his young career, the French label Undisputed Records signs the artist in 2014 and releases what will become a classic album "Greater than Great" then "Dancehall President" in 2016.

Today, Skarra Mucci continues his collection of featurings, a repertoire which includes an impressive number of iconic collaborations, in particular with Jamaican legends such as Beenie Man, T.O.K., Horace Andy, Johnny Osbourne or main French acts like Dub Inc', Danakil, Yaniss Odua to name just a few.

Since 2018 marked by the release of his album "Skarra Mucci & the One Love Family", the Dancehall President is back to business and presents his 8th studio album with multiple influences "Perfect Timing" released on Sept 29, 2023.

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