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Ugly Mac Beer begins his career in the late 90s as the DJ of La Formule at Wax Tailor's side. Through the 2000s, he starts a solo career to develop his own projects.

He soon becomes a key figure of the French turntablism/scratch music scene as an artist but also as an independent producer, running his own imprint Beatsqueeze Records.

In the mid 2000s, he starts a collaboration with the digger/beatmaker Mister Modo. From this alchemy will born a series of projects marked by international featurings with famous artists of the hip-hop culture such as MF Grimm, Kool Keith, Psycho Les (Beatnuts), Guilty Simpson, Mike Ladd, El Da Sensei, DJ D-Styles…
In 2009, their album "Modonut" receives a great media exposure and turn out to be a real success reaching a large audience. The track "Not Afraid (ft. Jessica Fitoussi)" with its 70s soul flavor is widely broadcasted and brings the duo to an international level. Their second delivery, simply entitled "Modonut 2" and released in 2012 gives birth to a hip-hop banger "Diggin in the Crates (ft. F.Stokes)" that becomes a DJ's favorite in European & North America.

Facing an increasing demand from the world of advertising and cinema for synchronization, Ugly Mac Beer discovers a passion for the audiovisual. Inspired by television, pop culture, cinema and all kind of music, he now finds his place as a full-time composer music library.

The turtablist keeps cultivating his passion by expanding his vinyl collection and giving birth to new musical projects. In 2023, he is back with a new solo album “The Valley of the Kings”. A conceptual instrumental “Abstract Hip-Hop” album, made by a real sampling addict and built as the soundtrack of a retro futuristic movie.
True pioneer of French breakbeat movement, Ugly Mac Beer reminds everyone he is a true real benchmark in beatmaking.

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