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With his incisive flow, heavy-hitting punchlines loaded with meaning, and consistently genuine and authentic albums, Davodka is among the first artists mentioned when discussing lyricists in French rap. With already six solo projects and a myriad of concerts across France and Europe, the MC, followed by over 500,000 fans and listeners, has built a very solid career without ever deviating from his human and artistic values. His razor-sharp pen is matched only by his flow, recognized as one of the fastest in the world, even surpassing the performances of Eminem and Bigflo & Oli with an astonishing rate of 8.5 words per second! Old school, new school, that is not the question. The substance and the form, that is all that is truly indissociable from Davodka's rap.

Active since the early 2000s, the Parisian rapper first honed his skills alongside the group Paris Pôle Nord and then with the authentically hip-hop collective Mentalité Sons Dangereux, comprised not only of rappers and beatmakers but also of graffiti artists. It was in 2013 that Davodka took flight solo and in full independence with his first album "Un poing c’est tout," on which he produced most of the instrumentals himself. Experiencing resounding critical acclaim, the lyricist continued on his trajectory over the years, eventually featuring among the best-selling records in France with his album 'Accusé de Réflexion' in 2017 . This was followed by the album "À juste titre" in 2019, marked by notable features with Hayce Lemsi and Dooz Kawa, once again positioning him among the pillars of independent rap.

His latest project "Procès Verbal," released in 2021, marked a record-breaking start in his career. This uncompromising record brings together artists from all generations of hip-hop, from Daddy Mory to Deadi to Le 3ème Œil and Swift Guad.

Praised for his closeness to his audience, Davodka has never stopped touring concert halls across France and French-speaking Europe. The artist hailing from the 18th arrondissement is not short on inspiration and returns this year with a new album eagerly awaited by his fanbase. This upcoming installment will be supported by a national tour, including a stop at the Cabaret Sauvage in Paris on December 5, 2024.

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