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Soom T is an international music artist and songwriter from Glasgow. Her music is a collection of Soul, Reggae, Gospel and Avant Garde Choral with a strong, spiritual and activist message underpinning her inimitable and diverse vocal capabilities.

At 21 Soom T was lead singer of Glasgow Hip-Hop band Monkeytribe, before releasing a few Bhangra tracks (Indian popular music) with Europe's leading Bhangra production duo Tigerstyle, and finally discovering Sound System and Reggae culture thanks to different producers such as Bus and The Orb in 2002 to Mungo’s Hi-Fi in 2007. Soom T quickly made a name for herself with her generous music and incisive, inimitable flow.

She effortlessly developed proficient skills with words whilst preaching sincerity in her philosophical lyrics. She became a genre defining artist of the global underground Reggae music movement, nicknamed the “Raggamuffin Queen”, and performed at some of the world’s biggest and most respected festivals.

An authentic studio addict, Soom T is also a heavyweight MC on stage who will hit the road once again this year with her stage family, The Stone Monks, to perform her vast catalogue including internet hits as well as presenting live her new album “The Louder The Better”(Oct13, 2023). Her live concert performances, distinctive voice and image unique to herself and refusing to pander to commercial blueprints centre on empowerment, motivation and uplifting sound wave generation and manipulation utilising the voice, word power, rhythm and melody for inner cosmic tremor inducement to inspire a connection to ones inner self and soul.

Her new reggae album “The Louder the Better” is a piece of sunshine, the most positive and uplifting Soom T has ever recorded. If she sticks to her core values denouncing political and social issues with deep lyrics, she also invites us to stay focused on the beautiful and precious things life has to offer, a sentiment emanating throughout sweet pop and reggae melodies with contagious optimism. Music does not get realer than this. Get it now.

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