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After 15 years of involvement in various groups and event organization, CHINEUR is swapping his hat from artistic director and programmer to that of a producer, to showcase his own musical universe with his first EP "ASSAMPLAGE," set to be released in April 2024.

CHINEUR's project starts from a talent for finding unique samples, turning rare sounds and tunes into something special. He blends traditional and modern styles to make music that stands out. His tracks are lively journeys, mixing voices from all over the world with electronic rhythms to create an exciting sound.

"ASSAMPLAGE" is a bold journey into an electronic soundscape shaped by Oriental samples borrowed from traditional music. "ASSAMPLAGE" unfolds across eight tracks, each deepening the immersion into a sonic world tinged with Hip Hop, Oriental Flamenco, and Middle Eastern melodies.

The title track of the EP, "ASSAMPLAGE," captivates its listener and adds a touch of mystique, encapsulating the EP's sound in a single piece. The tracks "IRTIJAAL" and "RACHIDA" draw their audience into a trance with their striking bass lines, while "INDIE" provides a melodic introspection, slowly unfolding within an Oriental soundscape.

"JAMAL" reveals its power through various musical progressions, built around a rap flow that's deeply rooted in the rich cultural soil of the Maghreb. "IREN," on the other hand, bewitches the ear with deep bass lines while subtly borrowing from Arabic flamenco, thus creating an enchanting fusion reminiscent of the passionate rhythms of Al-Andalus.

With "ASSAMPLAGE," CHINEUR solidifies his expertise in sample hunting, promising to lead us on a sensory journey through the musical cultures of the world. As the echoes of the Maghreb still resonate in our heads with this EP, one wonders which continent CHINEUR will explore next for his upcoming samples.

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