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Tambour Battant comes from this generation of beatmakers who breaks down barriers between styles. Since 10 years, the two producers scan the horizon to create their own style : an explosive mix of electronic music. On stage, they offer a live set up which mixes electronic drums, pads, keyboards... Under the name of Tambour Battant, they have more than 50 releases to their credit. They've also founded the critically acclaimed electronic labels Château Bruyant and Gold Digger Records.

After two years in the making, Tambour Battant delivers its new album "Galore", 13 tracks that outline the contours of genres and reinvent them. Very eclectic sounds makes this new album: from Brazilian-flavored tracks with the artists Flavia Coelho and Faktiss to heavy-weighted Trap beats with Miscellaneous (of Chill Bump) and Jman. On the other tracks, the duo takes us on an electrifying ride that will pleased all the lovers of heavy bass and powerful kicks. As its name suggests, this new album "Galore" is distinguished by its profusion of styles and influences.

For the original artwork of this new album "Galore", the duo appealed to Pablito Zago, a famous street artist / illustrator who brings his style rich in colors and collages to this album more than explosive !

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