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The Dizzy Brains, these four musicians with a garage rock sound, spread their militant music beyond their native Madagascar to make their anger against corruption, the inaction of the people, the politicians and the lack of freedom of expression resonate.

They have turned their raw, sometimes vintage rock into a weapon to denounce and make themselves heard. Fans of the Sonics, the Stooges or MC5, the two brothers, Eddy on vocals and Mahefa on bass, founders of the band, were brought up on good old 60s-70s rock by their father.

After the band's revelation at the Trans Musicales de Rennes in 2015, they have played at the Printemps de Bourges, MaMA festival, Solidays and Festival d’été de Quebec. They have also played in France, Morocco, South Korea and Germany. Their first EP "Vangy" (Being angry) and their first two albums "Out of the cage" and "Tany Razana" (Burnt Earth) set the tone: "Madagascar is not a cartoon!”. The group is here to let people know that "Vangy" is still, and more than ever, relevant when we see the country sinking deeper because of the lack of action of corrupted politicians. Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world without having experienced war and the first country to suffer famine due to global warming.

Three years after "Tany Razana", the group returns to shout its rage in a third album entitled "Dahalo". A return to their roots with an album written almost entirely in Malagasy. The Dahalo are bandits who spread terror in the south of Madagascar, the traditional zebu theft which marked the passage to adulthood for the Bara (southern ethnic group) has become a violent and murderous business feeding a mafia system. For the band’s members, the motto does not change, the love for their native land does not make them blind to corruption, poverty, abuse of men, rape and drought.

The four musicians from Tananarive are ready to set the stage on fire. The incredible stage presence of Eddy, the leader, and the virtuosity of the three musicians, will inevitably leave their mark on the audience during their next concerts in France and elsewhere.

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