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The Architect takes us on a trip through theworld and styles: Hip Hop, Jazz, Electro, Soul, Funk... A true vinyl lover andreal digger, turntables have always been his favorite playground. Hyperactive beatmaker, he is also engaged with different side projects such as L’Entourloop and Bloc. 

The success of his first EP"Foundations" released in 2013, including several hits such as"Les Pensées" (8M views) or "Dreader Than Dread (ft. Skarra Mucci & L'Entourloop)" (15M views), led him to do more 200 shows around the world and accumulate more than 35M of streams on the platforms. 

Seven years later, The Architect finally returns with  his long-awaited new album entitled “Une plage sur la lune” released on June 12th, 2020. A "home-made album with a window open to the world" as he describes it himself.