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Manudigital is a beatmaker, bassist and sought-after music producer on the international Reggae/Dub scene. He started his career as a bassist for several bands such as Babylon Circus, before focusing on production and creating a hybrid music infused with his multiples influences, from Reggae and all its sub-genres, to Electro/Bass Music passing by Jungle or Drum & Bass.

Since his solo debuts with the albums “Digital Pixel” (2016) and “Bass Attack”(2018), he also released plethora of EPs and of collaborative projects, surrounding himself with artists from all over the world such as Alborosie, L’Entourloop, Alo Wala, Skarra Mucci, Liam Bailey and Soom T to name just a few.

With more than 800 shows performed all over the globe, Manudigital is known for his live performances during which he mixes his bassist and beatmaker skills to create a unique experience.

As a federating artist, the French producer created the now cult “Digital Session” series available on his YouTube channel which gathers more than 200 000 subscribers and 69M views. Armed with his Casio MT40 keyboard or “Sleng Teng Keyboard”.

Among the millions of the “Digital Sessions” fans, one of them decided to contact Manudigital on social medias: French crooner Bazbaz. This will be followed by an entire EP #LOVEBORDEL recorded during the lockdown/pandemic period released in 2022 and performed live on a tour.

In 2023, Manudigital is back with a new straight to the point formula. He released in spring the track “Step Up Ft. Joseph Cotton & Bellyman”, taken from his upcoming eponymous album, to be released on November 17, in which he pushes further the fusion of Reggae and Bass Music while offering new beats and rhythms such as Afrobeat or Baile Funk, always with the mastery he is known for.

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