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ANDRRE is a Quebec rapper-songwriter who has always placed emotions at the center of his artistic project.

He began his musical career in 2007 with an appearance on a Japanese compilation in which he was immediately noticed for his characteristic voice and flow. With the release of his first album "Learn to Love" in 2010, he joins the large underground hip-hop community and continues to carve out his own niche.

It was during this time that he virtually meets the talented French beatmaker Degiheugi. Together they will collaborate on a multitude of songs that will become pure gems widely acclaimed by the French public, like the irresistible track "Nuday" released on Degiheugi's last album.

After a break forced by the hazards of life, ANDRRE returns in 2015 with the EP "Dichotomie" in which he explores the chaotic emotions experienced in these difficult moments. Juggling between pop, hip-hop and folk, the artist demonstrates an outstanding versatility.

In 2022, the rapper surprises by announcing "Lac Noir", a folk EP entirely composed on an old classic guitar. This EP is the first part of a true introspection divided in three Chapters around the image of the lake of his childhood in a small village in Quebec.

With "Lac Noir", ANDRRE opens the door to his most intimate childhood memories and confronts the demons of his past, all against a backdrop of folk melodies of rare intensity. Powerful.

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