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"Hybrid", "unclassifiable", "indomitable". KT's music is a cry from the heart to society, a raw rage put at the service of a rap with reggae influences. Her life path between Africa and Switzerland has shaped her vision of the world, and her incisive writing. Her background as End of the Weak 2012 world champion, and her experience in the underground rap scene make her a very high level technician, her flows touch not only a rap audience, but also a reggae, rock, punk audience.

Back after a tour of more than 70 dates in France and throughout Europe in 2022 to defend his previous project "AKWABA" and after a passage noticed in the show Nouvelle Ecole on Netflix, KT GORIQUE and his musicians intend to prove once again their undeniable talent to set fire to all scenes where the group is invited!

Hugo Barale-Defrel
+33 6 60 33 70 37 

Théo Briand
+33(0) 6 23 09 18 75