Manudigital "Digital UK Session" Vinyl


Manudigital "Digital UK Session" - Vinyl 12" - Released on June 21, 2024 - 2 Sides - 8 Tracks


The French producer, Manudigital, behind the now iconic"Digital Sessions," announces a new season which this time highlights the UK scene! After exploring the streets of Kingston, New York, Mexico, and even Trinidad & Tobago in search of ambassadors from the golden age of digital reggae and dancehall, Manudigital has now turned his attention to the vibrant metropolis of London. Armed with the legendary Casio MT40 keyboard, or "Sleng Teng Keyboard," Manudigital has connected with singers and MCs who have written the history of the UK scene rooted in Jamaican culture:ragamuffin, jungle, grime, drum & bass, stepper, and more. All the developments in Jamaican music born in England over the last thirty years are represented here by a "who's who" of those who have shaped and continue to shape this exciting scene.


A1. Brother Culture
A2. Shumba Youth
A3. Daddy Freddy
A4. Congo Natty & Falle Nioke

B1. Demolition Man
B2. Blackout JA
B3. Killa P
B4. Liam Bailey