The French producer is back with his third EP, "The Ones We Love." Having amassed tens of millions of streams since his first release 'From the Ashes' in 2015, Rakoon has established his own enigmatic and refined artistic presence. With each record, his electronic style becomes more hybrid and unique, mixing synths, organic sounds, and pop structures.

Rakoon's new project delves into a warmer, more confident electro sound. "The Ones We Love" is an ode to the people we love, the ones we once loved, and the experiences — happy and sad — that have shaped us.

The EP opens with the electronic ballad 'Carry Me', its heady synths evoking memories of those who stood by us, walked with us, and helped us overcome our challenges. A nostalgic escape lifted by a sampled voice with melancholic undertones. Rakoon's usual sense of hope comes to life on the vibrant 'Moving Strangers', an exuberant, intriguing track where glitchy vocals meet destructured synths - creating that feeling of osmosis you get when sharing special moments with a crowd of strangers. The artist's electronic journey moves on with "Always", where analogue synths pierce the dense vocals to reveal the unchanging nature of this journey. The glorious "Memories" ends "The Ones We Love" in style, a hit constructed like a guitar-driven song, perfectly cut for the dancefloor. It's a song as memorable as the times we've shared that have made us who we are.

Throughout this EP - one of universal intimacy - the French producer expresses his feelings, as well as his optimism. It captures Rakoon's essence and the emotions we feel when we listen to him: a desire to move ahead as one, to dance together bound by a transcendent force. An honest, introspective journey to be shared, buoyed by uplifting and intoxicating melodies. A voyage full of hopes and new encounters that makes us want to keep travelling with him.

The French producer is back with his third EP,"The Ones We Love".