Degiheugi "Abstract Symposium" Cd


Degiheugi "Abstract Symposium" Cd Album - Released on January 01, 2010 - 16 tracks
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Degiheugi "Abstract Symposium" (album january 01, 2010) in CD digipack version - 16 tracks
From 2001, Degiheugi (D.J.E.J) consumed LPs and made the decks roar in a rap band. But the sphere of classical hip-hop quickly becomes cramped to handle the influx of ideas endlessly irrigating its right hemisphere. Collector of sounds, explorer of the ideal sample, Degiheugi sets off to unearth still raw nuggets, slumbering in the abysses of the Web and under the dust of vinyls marking the past decades. He is reinventing the art of fusing these sound particles to give them a second life to atomic radiation.


1. Time for Us feat. Screenatorium
2. Abstract symposium part. 1 : The Dirty man
3. Late At Night Feat. Nomad
4. No Escape Feat Ghostown
5. Abstract Symposium part. 2 : For Kid Only
6. Mary Feat. Doctor Noodle
7. Freedom Ring
8. Laughing at, with you Feat. Nolto
9. Work It
10. Behind the Wall Feat. Kalyanka & Ghostown
11. Keeping Memory Alive Feat. Nolto, Andrre, Astronautalis & Nomad
12. Abstract Symposium Part. 3 : The Dirty man Feat. Ghostown
13. Obscure Clarté Feat. Skap’1 & Doctor Noodle
14. Abstract Symposium Part. 4 : Train Station
15. Great Self Esteem Feat. Nolto & Mock
16. Chickery Scratch