Degiheugi "Degiheugi Orchestra" Limited Edition Vinyl

This product "Degiheugi Orchestra" is for pre-order only and is expected to ship on or about June 07, 2024.

Degiheugi "Degiheugi Orchestra" Limited edition vinyl - 500 copies - 2LP - Released on June 07, 2024 - 13 tracks
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Beatmaker and insatiable digger since his very first sample picked from Ennio Morricone’s discography, Degiheugi has never stopped exploring dusty vinyl records and the depths of the web in search of unnoticed sonic gems. True soundtracks of imaginary films, his 8 powerfully cinematic albums possess an undeniable evocative force. Perhaps a consequence of the admiration the producer holds for film music composers such as Lalo Shiffrin, Francis Lai, Cal Tjader, or François de Roubaix. These were all alchemists who unabashedly mixed jazz, funk, pop, or classical ingredients.

The Degiheugi Orchestra adventure emerged as an obvious choice for the French artist. Indeed, his abstract instrumental hip-hop has always mingled with orchestral sounds: classy strings, vibrant brass, and swirling flutes blend with the vintage beats and samples of this artisan with immediately identifiable groove. More than just a blend of genres or a literal transposition of the digger-beatmaker’s music, this electro-symphonic odyssey offers a reinterpretation, live and orchestral. Entrusted to Sébastien Blanchon, musician (Le Peuple de l'herbe, L'Entourloop...) and mad composer of both hip-hop and symphonic music, the arrangements merge classical orchestra and machines into a single organic whole.

The aim ? Broadeningthe scope to enter a new dimension! On stage, 17 musicians weave a large-format setting, offering Degiheugi, the "sound director," a unique opportunity to tell his stories in an XXL format.

To engrave this fabulous journey on record, 13 tracks including the essentials"Favelas" and "What Do You Expect from Me?" as well as anew title "Happiness Everywhere" were recorded in studio in their orchestral version.


A1. Betty (Version orchestrale)
A2. Qu'attendez-vous de moi ? (Version orchestrale)
A3. Woman (Version orchestrale)

B1. Let Me Down (Version orchestrale)
B2. Favelas (Version orchestrale)
B3. L.S.A Theme (Version orchestrale)
B4. Happiness Everywhere (Version orchestrale)

C1. Final Round (Version orchestrale)
C2. Kolkata (Version orchestrale)
C3. La découverte (Version orchestrale)

D1. Une nuit avec elle (Version orchestrale)
D2. Forever (Version orchestrale)
D3. The Magic Number (Version orchestrale)