L'Entourloop Feat Capleton "Burn Dem Down Remix" Vinyl 7"


L'Entourloop Feat Capleton "Burn Dem Down Remix" vinyl 7' version - <strong>⚡️ Limited Numbered Edition (2000 copies)⚡️</strong> - 45T - 2 tracks - 2 sides<br>More informations below<br><a href="https://www.xrayproduction.com/en/artistes-en/lentourloop-en/">Learn more about L'Entourloop here !</a>


A striking characteristic of L'Entourloop is the great ability of King James and Sir Johnny to gather incredible guests from around the world.

Whether with Skarra Mucci and their now classic "Dreader Than Dread" or their excellent EP “Golden Nuggets” (2019), Capleton for the extravagant remix of "Burn Dem Down", producer Panda Dub they collaborated with on "Le Bonheur" or French singer Biga Ranx for their hit "Push The Limits", L'Entourloop has the gift of giving birth to collaborations that mark the spirits.


A1. L'Entourloop & Capleton Burn Dem Down (Remix)

B1. L'Entourloop Burn Dem Down (Special Riddim)