Alpha Steppa & Awa Fall "What A Joy" Vinyl


Alpha Steppa & Awa Fall "What A Joy" - Vinyl 2LP - Released on April, 2023 - 4 SIDES - 20 TRACKS<br>More informations below

Alpha Steppa & Awa Fall’s debut full length collaborative album, ‘What a Joy’. This outstanding 12 vocal and 12 dub double album couples Alpha Steppa’s signature future-dub sound with the powerful, versatile and soulful voice of Awa Fall. Both artists are known to promote a conscious message, this album confronts socio-political and environmental issues; from the climate crisis, the refugee crisis, to race, gender and inequality. The album also speaks of love, with an ambiguity open to romance, self-love and divine love. This is truly an album for lovers of dub, reggae, soundsystem culture and music for the soul, what a joy.
A1 Waters of Babylon
A2 What A Joy
A3 God Send
A4 West Dissident
A5 Waiting For My Papers (ft. Nai-Jah)
B1 Holi
B2 Perennial Love
B3 New Wadada
B4 How Many Miles
B5 Longing For Eden
C1 Waters of Dub
C2 What A Dub
C3 Dub Send
C4 Dub Dissident
C5 Waiting For My Dub
D1 Holi Dub
D2 Perennial Dub
D3 Dub Wadada
D4 How Many Dubs
D5 Longing For Dub