Asian Dub Foundation "R.A.F.I" Cd


Asian Dub Foundation "R.A.F.I" album Re-edition in cd version - Released on November 18, 2022 - Original release date : April 18, 1997 - 16 tracks - 25th Anniversary Ed
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London jungle punk fusionists, Asian Dub Foundation, celebrates the 25th anniversary of their critically acclaimed album “R.A.F.I” recorded at the legendary On-U Sound Studios in East London in 1997 ! Entirely remixed and remastered, this new version sounds as fresh as ever, while the politically/culturally conscious rap, traditional Asian instruments, breakbeats and samples remains in full effect. The artwork has been re-worked for this new edition that also includes 3 bonus tracks.


1. Assassin
2. Change
3. Black White
4. Buzzin
5. Free Satpal Ram
6. Modern Apprentice
7. Operation Eagle Lie
8. Hypocrite
9. Naxalite
10. Loot
11. Dub Mentality
12. Culture Move
13. Areas for Investigations
14. Free Satpal Ram (Original 7" Version) [Bonus]
15. Naxalite (Mad Scientist Dub Mix) [Bonus]
16. Black White (Jerry Dammers Remix) [Bonus]