Biga*Ranx "Good Morning Midnight" Vinyl


Biga*Ranx "Good Morning Midnight" album - Vinyl 2LP - Released on November 22, 2013 - 4 sides - 20 tracks
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"Good Morning Midnight" is the second studio album of French MC Biga*Ranx. Driven by the unstoppable flow of the artist, this album drags us into his special universe navigating between Reggae Digital, Hip Hop and Bass Music. As he says so well, Biga*Ranx wanted to "invent his own music". For the composition he used different talented beat-makers like the the Danish producers of Maffi. The French scene is also well represented by Manudigital, Tom Fire, Atili Bandalero or Barbés.D. Biga*Ranx loves to sing life simply, always in a personal approach. He approaches the themes of his generation by adding a touch of positivism and fighting spirit, approaching the original message of reggae.


A1. Boogie Man Skank
A2. Don´t Stop Jammin
A3. Full Time
A4. Natural Resource
A5. Snap Back

B1. Zip Bag
B2. Good Morning Midnight
B3. Dewey Like This<
B4. Holiday Hold Up
B5. Wild World

C1. Gutta Love
C2. Confession
C3. Mi Nah Easy
C4. Cheese Cake
C5. Big City Dweller Featuring Potential Kid

D1. Buck A Shot
D2. Kingston Chronic
D3. Bad To The Bone
D4. Bubble Like Perrier
D5. This Wall Will Fall