Chinese Man "Shikantaza Remix" Vinyl


Chinese Man album "Shikantaza Remix" en version Vinyle 2LP - 9 novembre 2018 - 17 titres - 4 faces<br>+ d'infos ci-dessous

Chinese Man "Shikantaza Remix" album - Vinyl 2LP - November 9, 2018 - 17 tracks - 4 sides
Chinese Man returns with a series of 17 tracks from the album remixed by a plethora of French and international artists. The band offered to about ten producers and musicians to remix the songs from their latest album SHIKANTAZA. Between Hip Hop, electro, drum & bass, dub, trip hop or future bass, we find on this album a pleiad of French producers SENBEÏ, LA FINE EQUIPE, RHINO & A STATE OF MIND, L'ENTOURLOOP, BAJA FREQUENCIA, PROLETER, CHAPELIER FOU, OBF SOUND SYSTEM or KOGNITIF. We also note the participation of the Californian beatmaker DJ MOPHONO (who collaborated with THE GASLAMP KILLER, EGYPTIAN LOVER or DJ SHADOW) and the Italian producers CLAP! CLAP! and NUMA CREW.
Tracklisting :
A1. Liar Ft. Dillon Cooper, Kendra Morris -  Remix by Mophono
A2 : Shikantaza - Remix by Senbeï
A3. What You Need Ft. Myke Bogan, Tre Redeau, Vinnie DeWayne - Remix by Blanka
A4. Anvoyé - Remix by Clap! Clap!
B1. Blah! Ft. Illaman, MC Youthstar, Taiwan MC - Remix by L'Entourloop
B2. Golden Age - Remix by Mophono
B3. Escape Ft. A State Of Mind - Remix by Rhino
B4. Wolf - Remix by Chapelier Fou
B5. Anvoyé Ft Cyph - Remix by Baja Frequencia
C1. Modern Slave - Remix by Zé Mateo
C2. The New Crown Ft. A State Of Mind, A-F-R-O, Taiwan MC - Remix by Kognitif
C3. Maläd - Remix by Poirier
C4. Stone Cold Ft Mariama - Remix by Sly Dee
D1. Warriors - Remix by O.B.F.
D2. Liar Ft Dillon Cooper, Kendra Morris - Remix by La Fine Equipe
D3. Step Back - Remix by ProleteR
D4. Blah! Ft. Illaman, MC Youthstar, Taiwan MC - Remix by Numa Crew