Chinese Man "We’ve Been Here Before" Vinyl


Chinese Man new album "We’ve Been Here Before" Vinyl 2LP - Released on march 01, 2024 - 13 tracks - 4 sides
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Collective from the south of France, the Chinese Man trio (composed of High Ku, Matteo & Sly) has been performing independently since their debut under their own label Chinese Man Records. Formed in 2004, they draw their influences primarily from hip-hop, trip-hop, but also from dub, electro and reggae. With over 600 shows worldwide, the band returns in 2024 for their 3rd album, with an unprecedent and explosive live show! This new (and third) album was recorded in the label's studios in Marseille, as well as in Paris, at Studio Zarma and at the famous Studio Ferber in Paris, in particular with the orchestra "L'Ensemble Hors Champ". The direction of the orchestra was entrusted to Gilles Alonzo, a musician close to the group, who co-composed and arranged the orchestral parts for 6 of the 13 tracks on this album. Among the album's featured guests are General Elektriks, KT Gorique, Stylo G,Isadora, Youthstar & Miscellaneous, FP & Green T (ASM), Stogie T... The group has also invited Ferdinand Lemoine (Ferdi) for brass arrangements. Ferdi has previously collaborated with funk producer Dabeull and pianist Sofiane Pamart. Just as they did ten years ago for their first album, the group has decided to enlist Sodi (Studio Zarma) to co-produce and mix this new album, and on Antoine Chabert (Studio Chab) to master the project. The group returns with the desire to once again confront the show in larger audiences, with several Zeniths scheduled between 2024 and 2025. 2024 will also mark the 20th anniversary of the group and of the label Chinese Man Records.


A1. Salune
A2. We’ve Been Here Before feat. Stogie T, Isadora & Miscellaneous
B1. ¡Que Sí!
B2. Trouble feat. Stylo G
B3. Cycle feat. General Elektriks
B4. Too Late feat. Stogie T, KT Gorique & FP (ASM)
C1. No One Left feat. Theo Perek
C2. The Code feat. ASM, Stogie T, KT Gorique, Youthstar & Miscellaneous
C3. Déjà vu
C4. Where I Go feat. General Elektriks
D1. Fidelio
D2. Sacre Bleu feat. Miscellaneous, Stogie T, ASM, Youthstar
D3. Lune