El Gato Negro "Tigre qui pleure" Cd


El Gato Negro "Tigre qui pleure" - Cd Album - Released on January 26, 2024 - 10 tracks
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Always traveling, El Gato Negro, the moniker of"nomadic" singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, stopped thistime in Dakar, Senegal to record his new album “Tigre qui pleure” (“CryingTiger”).

In a combination of West African and Cuban musicians, under El Gato'sColombian flute, Jazz blends with Hip-Hop, traditional with digital, Frenchwith Wolof and Spanish. In this third album, produced by GUTS, El Gato Negroinvited his musical family (Florian Pellissier, Kumar, Orchestra Baobab,Cucurucho Valdés, Pat Kalla, Cyril Atef, iZem, Djeuhdjoah & LieutenantNicholson...) and dropped his festive mask to let Axel, the melancholic,express himself.


1. Les Tournesols
2. Mundo Cae (feat. Assane Mboup)
3. Caïman
4. Sable Noir
5. Mamie Wata (feat. Pat Kalla)
6. Le Tigre
7. Marie-Claire
8. Différent
9. Coquillage
10. La Vague feat. Nafi Gawlo