GUTS "Estrellas" Vinyl

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GUTS "Estrellas" album Vinyl 3LP - October 21, 2022 – 17 tracks – 6 sides<br>More informations below

GUTS "Estrellas" album Vinyl 3LP - October 21, 2022 – 17 tracks – 6 sides
Under the leadership of GUTS, Dakar became the creative centre of an exceptional encounter between “All Stars” musicians from Cuba, Africa and France : the ESTRELLAS. A tribute to Afro-Cuban culture, between new versions of finely selected songs and original compositions.
“You can now listen to ESTRELLAS in its entirety. It is yours… Take your time to listen to it with, if possible, good listening conditions. ESTRELLAS was a challenge to freedom, geography, politics and the past.Uniting theș Cuban, Senegalese and French flags on the same record was our answer . The key was the love for Afro-Cuban music in a triangle of love and light. And the music was born… I have infinite gratitude for all the stars of the project that you can discover on the OBI (banner that surrounds the vinyl). And because there is no coincidence in life :), a shooting star shower will be observable tonight, it is the moment when there will be the most star dust to fall into the atmosphere.” PURA VIDA / GUTS
A1. El Retorno
A2. Ultima Llamada Ft. Kumar Sublevoa-Beat
A3. San Lazaro Ft. Akemis
B1. Yebo Edi Pachanga Ft. José Padilla
B2. Dejame En Paz Ft. Brenda Navarrete
B3. Oda Ft. Al Quetz
C1. Adduna Jarul Naawo Ft. Alpha Dieng & Assane Mboup
C2. Medewui Ft. Pat Kalia & Assane Mboup
C3. Dakar De Noche Ft. Iss 814, Samba Peuzzi, El Tipo Este, Kumar Sublevao-Beat
D1. Nunca Pierdo Ft. Assane Mboup, Alpha Dieng, Akemis, Pat Kalia, David Walters
D2. Por Que Ou Ka Fe Sa Ft. Brenda Navarrete & David Walters
E1. Sin Pantallas Ft. Cyril Atef & El Tipo Este
E2. Barrio Ft. Iss 814, Samba Peuzzi, El Tipo Este, Kumar Sublevao-Beat
E3. Dansons cadences Ft. Annas G, DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson
F1. Il n'est jamais trop tard Ft. El Gato Negro
F2. Estrellas Ft. Florian Pellissier