Guts & Mambo "Beach Diggin’ 3" VINYL

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Guts & Mambo "Beach Diggin’ 3" VINYL 2LP  - July 2015 - 14 tracks - 4 sides

Guts & Mambo "Beach Diggin’ 3" VINYL 2LP  - July 2015 - 14 tracks - 4 sides
Since 2013, this duo has trademarked their discoveries with the appellation Beach Diggin', a label that certifies the quality and rarity of its products and guarantees a maximum dose of sunshine for every groove. Braving the hordes of sugar-hungry bees swarming around boxes of Caribbean records, the humidity in the holds of boats, or jostling to save 45's lying on the ground from being trampled underfoot, Guts and Mambo, at the risk of their own lives, have explored the most far-flung corners of the earth, all for a single purpose: To discover and to share.
A1. Gene Lawrence - Feel Like Making Love
A2. Junior Tucker - Take A Message (Instrumental)
A3. The Group NSI - Moin Epi Vou
A4. Billy  - Mystic Mood
B1. Fred Aucagos - Pangua Zô Pile Moin
B2. Casual T - Hands Off (Instrumental)
B3. Dalto - Soul Brother
C1. Franko Xavier - Antes Pouco Que Nenhum
C2. Bobbie Houston - I Want To Make It With You
C3. Gilles Rivard - Je Reviens
C4. Bola Sete – Bettina
D1. Brother Resistance - Wars In Space Dub
D2 - Clive Bradley & The Bradley Band - Party On The Block
D3. Scherzando - I Need Your Love