Iration Steppas Vibronics - One Drop Remix Vinyl 12"

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Iration Steppas Vibronics - One Drop Remix (Remastered 90's classic cutz &amp; unreleased dubplate mix) - Vinyl 12" Maxi - Released on April 21, 2023 - 2 SIDES - 3 TRACKS<br>Produced, arranged, engineered & mixed by Mark Iration and Dennis Rootical @ the High Rise Studio, Leeds - Track 01 originally released in 2001 - Remastered by DK Mastering<br>More informations below

Dubquake Records dig deep in the vaults to reissue five more iconic Iration Steppas tracks from the 90’s!
Still buzzing from the hype around Part 1 of the ‘90’s Classic Cutz’, this new drop includes their very first release ‘Scud Missile’, the legendary ‘Hard Time Pressure In A Babylon’, ‘Locks’ featuring Tena Stelin, ‘Kitachi In Dubwize’ and their spiced up remix of Vibronics’ ‘One Drop’.
These tracks were produced and mixed by Iration Steppas’ founding members Mark Iration and Dennis Rootical at the High Rise Studio in Chapeltown, Leeds. At the time, the dub-making-duo were heavily experimenting with new sounds, blending dub with acid soundscapes in a way that had never been done before. At the frontier of reggae and electronic music, their ‘Dub Inna Year 3000 Style’ re-defined UK Dub in the 90’s and continues to inspire the new generation.
All tracks have been remastered and put onto five separate 12” slabs of wax. And to add to the excitement, each release features original mixes + previously unreleased ‘dubplate cutz’ that could only be heard live up till now!
A1 : One Drop (Iration Steppas Remix)
A2 : One Drop (Iration Steppas Slap In Your Face Remix)
B1 : One Drop (Iration Steppas Assembling Of The Gladiators Remix)