La Fine Équipe "Cycles" Vinyl


La Fine Équipe "Cycles" in Vinyl 12" version - Released on february 26, 2021 - 2 SIDES - 10 TRACKS

La Fine Équipe "Cycles" in Vinyl 12" version - Released on february 26, 2021 - 2 SIDES - 10 TRACKS
A1. Don’t Panik
A2. Pemmican Feat Gaël Faye
A3. E.V.A Feat Madjo
A4. Cycles Feat Orifice Vulgatron
A5. On Point Feat Penelope Antena
A6. Happy End
B1. Madjo Choose The Heart (La FIne Equipe Remix)
B2. Typical Boy (Hugo Lx remix)
B3. Typical Boy (Patchworks remix)
B4. L’Autre Dimension
Oogo, Chomsky, Blanka and Mr Gib each have their respective side projects – some solo, some in a duo. Some are hidden in the shadow, others are well known.
Without being oracles that are able to read the future in the mixer, the quartet felt the end of the world approaching. They felt the end of this everlasting cycle without knowing precisely what would happen next.
Not yielding to any irrational sense of fear or panic, the members of La Fine Equipe once again united in intense and productive sessions to materialize the ideas born from their live experience. Their goal : develop them, refine them and create cathartic tracks to get through the cataclysm.
Stir, dance, surrender. Let the rhythms decide the bodies fate and get lost in loops, in cycles…
The intro manifests as a call for calm, and the conclusion is filled with optimistic promises. This EP is a cycle that condenses the anticipatory questions of Gaël Faye, Madjo, Orifice Vulgatron, and Penelope Antena.
Productions are varnished by electronics – the groups hip hop base has mutated through phases of experimentation and eclecticism. The up-tempo beats and keyboard modulations warn of the fatal countdown, the countdown that brings people together towards the red zone, where a U-turn will no longer be possible.
Hermetic to threats, La Fine Equipe leads this musical road trip with the deep and tenacious conviction that, after the storm, everything will be reborn, in a better way.