La Yegros "Haz" Vinyl LP


La Yegros album "Haz" - Vinyl gatefold LP - Released on March 29, 2024 - 10 tracks - 2 sides


The undisputed Queen of "Nu Cumbia" La Yegros has not rested on her laurels. Surrounded by the same accompliceswho have supported her for the last ten years, but eager to renew herself, she has set about recording herfourth album, which stands out from her discography. Although her personal folklore is still rooted in SouthAmerican folklore, La Yegros is now absorbing contemporary, global music, while tackling intimate, oftenmelancholy and even painful subjects, which she overcomes with the same resilience that drives her inconcert. Nothing stands in the way of this Argentinian whirlwind, all the more fascinating for the fact thatpersonal considerations are now surfacing beneath the veneer of the party atmosphere she sets alight.


A1. Bailarin
A2. Donde feat. Eblis Alvarez
A3. Perdedor
A4. Rehen
A5. Bodas de Plumas

B1. Secreto de Piedra
B2. Todo Yo
B3. Veo (feat. K.O.G)
B4. Malicia
B5. Nada