Mounika. "Don't Look At Me" Vinyle

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Mounika. "Don't Look At Me" - Vinyl 2LP - Vinyl's release : June 23, 2023 - 4 sides - 16 tracks<br>Comes with 1 random Carl &amp; TJ Comic Board (out of 5 different boards) + 1 Pack of Stickers (<em>Each comic board is into 200 copies)</em><br>+ More informations below

Three years after his last album ‘I Need Space’, Mounika. is back on his favorite playground: electronic music, which arouses his curiosity since his beginnings. He is now ready to unveil ‘Don't Look At Me’, a new opus that takes us, by other paths, to his unique universe.
Recorded during the confinement in the intimacy of his home studio, the French artist reveals little by little another facet of his artistic personality, more raw and affirmed, without totally abandoning the cottony sounds already proposed on titles like ‘Cut My Hair’ (diamond single) or ‘Tender Love’ (gold single). We discover sensitive compositions, still inspired by his love for trip-hop, piano and artists who made his musical culture during his youth: Moby, Ratatat, Air or Bonobo. After all, a Mounika. album without a tribute to these figures is not really an album...
A1. 20
A2. Little love (ft. Roland Faunte)
A3. I looked into her eyes (ft. Ural Thomas & The Pain)
A4. Bonxair
B1. Nomadics
B2. See You dancing in the dark
B3. Emotional
B4. Don’t smoke
C1. Thinking Of
C2. Memories (ft. Lord Apex)
C3. Dreams
C4. Mo1994by
D5. Cuzratatat
D6. Aye
D7. When my heart in your heart
D8. Outro (End of the Part.1)