Scotch Bonnet "Puffer's Choice" Vol 1 CD


"Scotch Bonnet presents Puffer's Choice Vol 1" - CD version - September 30, 2016 - 12 tracks<br>

"Scotch Bonnet presents Puffer's Choice Vol 1" - CD version - September 30, 2016 - 12 tracks
Here at Scotch Bonnet Records we love Reggae music's rich heritage. Not only is it is as strong today as it ever has been, soundsystem culture has now spread to every corner of the world. To celebrate this we have compiled a few musically important releases from some of the key musicians and producers that have influenced and nourished Scotch Bonnet records since the start. Knowing where to start was hard, but we have grappled with the slippery beast of personal taste and settled on tracks that we can all proudly stand behind. Some have appeared on single, some are dubs that Mungo’s Hi Fi couldn’t stop playing on the Soundsystem, and there are some brand new pieces to keep it crispy fresh. The end result is Puffers Choice.
1. Prince Fatty - The Model     
2. The Hempolics - Love To Sing (Mungo's Hi-Fi Remix) Featuring Solo Banton
3. Tradesman - Follow Me Featuring Danny T, Dark Angel
4. Viktorious - What A Ting Featuring Parly B
5. Disrupt - Jah Run Things Featuring Scotty, Zeb
6. Led Piperz- Dub Invasion (Subactive Remix) Featuring Solo Banton
7. Mungo's Hi-Fi - Raggamuffin Rock Featuring Daddy Freddy, Sugar Minott
8. Stalawa - Buss Shot Featuring Delroy Melody
9. Naram - Golden Rule Featuring Tenor Youthman
10. Mungo's Hi-Fi - Give Thanks To Jah Featuring Mr Williamz
11. Bim One* - Don't Stop The Sound Featuring Macka B
12. OBF - Dub Controller (Future Mix) Featuring Charlie P