Skarra Mucci "The Dancehall President" Cd


Skarra Mucci "Dancehall President" - Album in Cd digipack version - Released on May 13, 2016 - 15 tracks<br>More informations below


Nicknamed "King Skarra" or "The Dancehall President", Skarra Mucci is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and interesting singers on the current Reggae scene. With an inexhaustible flow and judicious crossovers between reggae/dancehall, hip-hop and soul, Skarra Mucci transcends riddims and eras with mad class. Between Shaggy and Damian Marley, he reconciles tradition and modernity, old-fashioned raggamuffin and current productions.
"Dancehall President" is no exception in this area with reggae, dancehall, hip hop, dubstep influences and featurings such as Beenie Man, Willy William, Yaniss Odua, Horace Andy and Mandinka.


1. Sound Killer
2. Number One
3. Turn It Up Loud
4. Handz Ina Di Air
5. Sunlight (Feat. Beanie Man)
6. Show time
7. Dancehall President
8. Higher Than High (Feat. Mandinka)
9. Mr Walker
10. Original (Feat. Mandinka)
11. Raggamuffin School (Feat. Yaniss Odua)
12. It’s For Real (Feat. Horace Andy)
13. Somebody New
14. The Song (Feat Willy William)
15. It Wasn’t It