Stand High Patrol "The Ghost" Vinyl


Stand High Patrol "The Ghost" Vinyl 12" ! Sortie le November 11, 2022 - 2 SIDES - 4 TRACKS - White Sleeve with embossment<br>More informations below

Riddims composed by Pupajim / Vocals & Lyrics : Pupajim
White Sleeve with embossment
Stand High Patrol unveils SH010, a new 45 RPM maxi, pressed for collectors & selectors fond of roots and one drop vibes. Slipped into a white sleeve adorned with a ghostly embossment, the 12 Inch features “The Ghost”, “A Seed A Day” and their respective dub versions. Contained within the package are two minor-scale tunes voiced by Pupajim with lyrical themes of determination, revenge and hope, and two dubs mixed live at The Kerwax studio which expand the space-time and bring today’s Loguivy-Plougras closer to the Kingston of the 1970s. With its assumed “Cool Ruler” influences. Theremin notes of circumstance, clavinet ricocheting from skanks and formidable groovy hi-hats, the EP invites the listener to discover or rediscover the roots side of the versatile dubadub musketeerz’s sound !
A1 : The Ghost
A2 : The Ghost Dub
B1 : A Seed A day
B2 : A Dub A day