The Architect "Une Plage Sur La Lune" CD

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The Architect "Une Plage Sur La Lune" new album - CD version - June 12, 2020 - 15 tracks
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The Architect takes us on a trip through the world and styles: Hip Hop, Jazz, Electro, Soul, Funk... A true vinyl lover and real digger, turntables have always been his favorite playground. Hyperactive beatmaker, he is also engaged with different side projects such as L’Entourloop and Bloc.
“Une plage sur la lune”, a "home-made album with a window open to the world" as he describes it himself.


1. Une plage sur la lune
2. Jacqueline
3. Run X Rêverie
4. Crétin de terrien
5. Tigerz X Johaz
6. Darling
7. Peanut X DJ Olegg X Kill Emil
8. Baile De Sol
9. East Raw X Aaron Cohen X Chip Fu
10. Sin Jaza X Paz
11. Boogie Dola X Troy Berkley X Killa P
12. Watch Me Dance
13. Rêve
14. Royom X Fliptrix
15. Nulle Part X Ours Samplus